Our Aim

Narrated Usman bin Affan (may Allah be pleased with him): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The most superior among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it." [Sahih Bukhari Our main aim is to unite all the muslims under the Guidance of Quran and its teaching. We are trying to groom our muslim community who is living abroad to gain supreme quality of Quranic Knowledge. We will ensure that students enjoy seamless experience while having World-class services on 24/7/365 and to bring up the true image of Islam in the world.

This institute intends to inculcate the Holy Quran into all age groups of people, who wish to learn the Quran. The identity and all the related information about the students is guaranteed to be kept confidential. It is therefore a golden chance for the elderly, who hesitate from taking classes with the young students to benefit from the privacy offered in our online one to one sessions. Parents willing to introduce their children to the treasure of virtues revealed in the Holy Quran are most welcome to witness the hard work of our teachers for developing recognition of the values and comprehension of the contents of this sacred book. You can relish watching these attributes grow into maturity under your supervision and witness your progeny being bestowed the honor of inheriting the true spirit of Islam for the generations to follow. For this purpose individual study sessions are provided for each student. In every session each of our valued students, benefits from the individual attention of one of the most dedicated, highly qualified and trustworthy teachers. Once a teacher is entrusted with a specified task set for a student, he is made responsible to follow him/her throughout the course and prepare monthly progress reports that are submitted to the organizer and can be extended to the student or his/her guardians on request. This continuous progress monitoring allows the teacher to identify the abilities and issues of every student in detail, target his/her areas of weakness and plan a suitable pace for him/her at every stage. This method aims to nurture confidence and courage in our students and develop the skills required to diagnose and explain their problems, set their own progressive targets, recognize their talents and discover their potential abilities.

For over 1 years we have been voluntarily teaching Holy Quran in Pakistan. The driving force behind this effort is to serve humanity with the gift of love and wisdom. May ALLAH help us to continue this mission with an ever-growing strength to meet the needs of the deserving, eager learners who cannot afford to pay for learning Holy Quran.