Quran Basic-Qaida

This course is for those students who wish to take their first steps into learning to read and write the Arabic script of the Quran starting from the Alphabet with its (Makhraj) correct pronunciation.

The course will cover:
Learning the complete letter with their different shapes.
All kind of vowels.
Different symbols of tajweed.
All basic rules needed for Quran recitation.
Linking letters and vowels signs togather. At the end of this course students will be able to recite the Quran.

Lesson 1: The Arabic Alphabet
Lesson 2: Linking the letters together
Lesson 3: Broken Letters (Madd Letters)
Lesson 4: Voweled Letters
Lesson 5: Letters of Tanween
Lesson 6: Vowels & Tanween
Lesson 7: Long Vowels
Lesson 8: Letters of Madd and Leen
Lesson 9: Examples of Long Vowels,Tanween, Madd and Leen Letters
Lesson 10: Non-Voweled Letters(Sukoon)
Lesson 11: Teshdeed
Lesson 12: Teshdeed with Madd Letters